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Create incredible joy for life

Khai-Káng is a historical house, decorated in Japanese style. It is located in the sunny and passionate city of Pingtung. The local government has given us the chance to create this wonderful project. We promise to release its biggest potential with special care. Our mission is to bring together people and provide the space for creative and purposeful interaction.Take a breath, get a peaceful moment and escape from the chaotic world!

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What we want to bring our guests


A space for people to unleash their potential and creativity. In the mean time, you can meet up with friends from different cultures, nationalities and backgrounds. This way sparkling ideas emerge through interaction in this house.


Use it as a space for chill-out and relaxing. Make it feel like your home when you soak in the peaceful atmosphere here. Help yourself to escape from the chaotic, stressful, and noisy world by catching a free and cherished moment of life.


We will give our guests a lot of WOW moments when they experience the events, services and facilities in this house. Create an amazing, surprising and unforgettable time with family, friends or even your boss. This way you are able to find another surprising side of life.

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What we offer

The house can be used for multiple purposes. The house could serve as sports area, conference room, party venue, exhibition area, classroom or photographer studio. Regular events include a tea -or wine tasting course, lectures, cosmetic courses, language exchange and cultural experiences.

Did we get you excited about the house and our services? Would you like more information on our prices? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

You can also make a reservation directly.

Rent the whole historical house for a certain period of time

Host reoccuring events

Make use of our additional services

Host a social welfare event and book our place for free!

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